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Flying IQ is the finest online Drone and UAV training spot to master the skills and gain the knowledge needed to fly drones successfully and safely. As pilots command their drones with precision, the enjoyment and fun of drones is limitless!

Whether you are a hobby pilot or a UAV professional this is the place to hone your techniques and expertise. Our cloud based training is designed to help achieve results through fun, engaging, gamified content. The online drone and UAV training courses are self paced which means you can take them on your own time and come back to it when needed. As you complete the materials, an endless possibilities become yours in the cutting edge, planet-changing world of drones.

Nobody buys a drone wanting to repair it! Smarter flying equals more enjoyment = less time and money spent repairing drones and more time flying.

Meet Flying IQ’s Online Drone and UAV Training Courses

We offer three levels of online training to meet your exact training needs and desired skill level
Drone Certification Level 1

Vital UAV Operation

  • Basic Flight Controls
  • How A Drone Works
  • Drone Rules and Regulations
Drone Certification Level 2

Advanced Aviation Principles

  • Includes L1 Cert Course Content
  • Advanced Flight Controls
  • Master All the Complex Drone Systems
  • Be FAA Regulation Ready!
Drone Certification Level 3

Professional Drone Piloting

  • Includes L1 Cert Course Content
  • Includes L2 Cert Course Content
  • Comprehensive Ground School
  • Specialized Career Training
  • Be an Expert!

Screens of our Online Drone Training Courses

Turn your hobby into a high paying career opportunity with Flying IQ

Great drone operators are needed in each of these exciting fields, plus, more innovations are on the horizon!
Real Estate
Drone Use For Film
Drone Use For Agriculture
Drone Delivery
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