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At Flying IQ our passion is drones and drone education.  Utilizing the incomparable Dynactive technology and teaching method, we wanted to created a fun, engaging, and effective ways for people to get the very most out of their drones.  With a strong background in aviation, we have navigated the regulatory waters of the FAA (or is it the skies!?) and want to help others do the same.  Let’s all be smarter together. About drones.  About everything.



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Flying  IQ is a product of Dynactive Software. For any questions about our company please feel free to contact us.

"This is by far the best training for drone certification I have seen. You will not only learn the basics, but also advance to higher training for business use as well."

− Greg Ross, Drone Operator

"I have yet to refer anyone to a better program. Flying IQ is the only company I feel comfortable referring all my customers to."

− Jeff Gemmell, Industry Executive

"The growing drone market is opening up new laws for federal regulation that will require all commercial users to be certified. Flying IQ surpasses all others with their ability to drone training program."

− Mark Levin, Drone Advocate

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