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Commercials Using Drones Videography To Up The Game

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The new hot topic in the world of drones is using them in video, films, commercials, and other similar media. There is no question that this new perspective is giving humans a new understanding of our world. Seasoned production companies and budding amateurs are growing this market that is now in the midst of federal regulation. With regulation comes certification. Stay in touch with us for the latest information on drone use, and the requirements to operate this new technology wonder.

Now sit back and watch this really cool video that we can’t stop watching!

Brain Farm Takes Drone Videography Up 10 Notches

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Brain Farm films are well known in the action sports industry for their creative use with technology. They are a great example of what can be done with drones, GoPro cameras, and the latest HD filming technology. Watch this amazing video where they put $250,000 dollars of equipment in the air to see what is possible in this new drone based filming industry. Flying IQ is your official drone certification source. Contact us with any questions.