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Our Online Professional Aerial Photography Course is a career driven course that teaches the art of capturing the perfect shot from underneath a drone with master level skill.

The Aerial Photography captured with the use of UAVs is changing the way we see the world and improving our ability to tell stories. Images that were previously only reserved to high-budget Hollywood films are now possible for all UAV photographers.

However, at Flying IQ, we firmly believe that just because you have a camera and a drone, doesn’t mean you are an Aerial Photographer. We push your skills to a level that will distinguish your portfolio from the amateurs.

Through the use of games, the Online Professional Aerial Photography Course will help captivate and involve learners in a way that webinars, instructional videos, or classroom lecture don’t.

As you journey through the course material, you’ll feel included in the refining process needed to mold you into a knowledgeable expert in the career of Aerial Photography.

The expert behind all of our content is Dave Terry from Silverhawk Aerial Imaging. Dave has been flying model and full-scale aircraft since he was 9 years old. He earned his pilots certificate at 16. He has also been flying drones for years. He has the FAA 333 exemption to fly commercially and he has consulted for companies such as FLIR, GoPro, and 3D Robotics. He is a member of the AUVSI and Mountain West Unmanned Systems Alliance. Most notably, Dave has a working relationship with the Discovery Channel and has contributed as part of the team that gets breath-taking shots on Survivorman.



As you can see in the waterfall video above, amazing shots happen for those who hone their craft and carefully execute planned shoots.

There are common errors that occur in aerial photography. The video below is an example of an aerial photograph shoot that was very close to being great, but has a few mistakes.
Flying IQ’s Online Professional Aerial Photography Course teaches all the mistakes and pitfalls that happen with aerial photography, why they occur and what situations tend to cause these miscues.

After Taking This Course, Drone Operators And AerialPhotographers Will Be Ready To Handle The Challenges Of:

This training empowers operators the ability to get paid shooting Real Estate, Action Sports, Weddings, and even more!

  • Heavy Lift Drones

  • 2-axis vs. 3 axis gimbal techniques

  • 1-man vs. 2-man operation

  • Managing a photo shoot

  • and more!

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